Christ community is excited to announce that we are meeting in person for Worship and Word each Sunday and Wednesday. To Register to attend please click here. 

We are currently in Phase 4 of our reopening schedule.  

C3 Reopening PHASES:

We cannot affix dates to the phases since we are reviewing health concerns weekly. Phases are subject to compliance with CDC parameters and our ability to create a safe and healthy environment for all ages.


Phase 1

Wednesday, June 17th, 6:30 to 7:15pm

RSVP Seating—Capacity 100 seats (RSVP HERE)

No children’s ministry or nursery available.

Youth Ministries will meet in the Student Center.


Phase 2

Wednesday Nights continued (same time frame)

Now including Children’s Ministry.

No Infant Nursery at this time.


Phase 3

Sundays 9:00 & 11:00 am (45 minute services) No Children’s classes or nursery.

Wednesdays will include full services for Children’s Ministry, Nursery and Youth.


Phase 4

Full Services Sun. & Wed. with Children's Ministries. (Nursery & Preschool During Wednesday and 2nd Service Sunday)

No fellowship hour.


Phase 5

Full Services and Fellowship time reinstated.

Small Group Ministries are fully engaged and scheduled once again.

Church Office Reopens.




Safety first

One of the reasons meetings are restricted is because of the capability of maintaining a healthy environment for the congregation. We must start with minimal activities to assure the church stays disinfected according to CDC guidelines. Please respect our guidelines with proper attitudes for the safety of all people involved.   We ask everyone to comply.

Guidelines for Meeting

Face masks will be required entering and exiting the building. Masks may be removed once in your seats. Please bring your own masks (we will have masks available for those who do not own one).

Social distancing will be in effect with seating as well as entering and exiting the building. 

Waive at your friends instead of handshakes or hugs.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building.

Nurseries and childcare facilities are not available in Phase 1.

High traffic areas, door handles  and restroom facilities are disinfected after services. 

There will be a basket at the sanctuary entrance for offerings.